An Accessible Home, Springfield, Va.

We started with a suburban split level home and the need for a handicap accessible suite. The project included making the home’s entry and main spaces handicap accessible, as well as the new addition. We were intrigued by the beauty of the devices used by some 1960’s era suburban homes to relate to their landscape and from space to space within the home. We took these concepts further to really borrow light and space into the expanded dining space and new suite spaces, by removing corners, selectively placing new glazing and light sources, and connecting spaces visually. The dining space now looks toward the front yard and street, and the new suite connects the home to the new back terrace and garden. Accessibility is provided to a roll-in shower, bathroom, vanity and walk-in closet. Other spaces include a new accessible laundry, pantry and an art space. Easy accessibility has a lot to do with the user’s conceptual and visible accessibility, as it does with hardware, floor surfaces and clearances. The success of this project can be understood by both of these measures, its light-filled understandability as well as its functionality.