master planning

Master planning allows the client to think long term. With an eye toward prevailing financial and other constraints, the master planning process provides overall conceptual designs that meet the needs of the present, while building to support envisioned future needs. The master plan, once developed, is used to inform steps or phases of construction, as they are called for, without having to backtrack or undo valuable constructed resources.


The architectural design process includes conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, contract negotiation, and construction administration. The design process is one that works to bring to light and then build for the needs of the client, needs met both in detail and in overarching concept or mission. The building that the process produces should likely appear effortless, so natural in its meeting of these needs and in its fit to its place.

sustainable design

Sustainable design is a way of thinking about design beyond the immediate physical and temporal context. Frankly all design should assess its impact on its client and its environment beyond the immediate. Intentional sustainable design allows us to consider materials from their raw state to their final state after the building has completed its life cycle. It seeks to integrate its systems with those of the surrounding environment. It also helps us place ourselves and our building within our larger community, realizing how we mutually impact each other--for the better, if by design.

work in an historic context

Whether we are seeking to preserve a fragile historic structure, renovate an historic building, or to enliven an existing building through adaptive reuse, we are made richer by the inclusion of our past. Often the reuse (and recycling) of existing building fabric makes basic economic sense. More than that, if we are willing to notice, we can learn how previous builders, clients and designers dealt with similar problems and dreams in building for their own needs and, by extension, ours.